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If you want to draw a basketball player, you will have to follow some simple steps. First, you have to make a few lines. You can use pencils or dark ink to draw the upper edges and designs of the sneakers. You can also use an eraser if necessary. You also have to trace the arms and the lines on the ball. You can then erase the guidelines that you don’t need.

How to draw a basketball

The first step in drawing a basketball player is to draw the bones that make up the body. The head should be shaped like an L with angled sides. Next, draw a short line under the mouth for the lower lip, a curved vertical line above the left eye and wavy lines for the rest of the face. You can also draw the elbow joints as balls.

The final line should be the mirrored image of the upper line. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can begin to create a basketball player drawing. After that, you’re ready to add details and personalize the drawing. You can also add a logo to the drawing to give it a more realistic look.

A basketball player drawing can be easy if you know the basics. Draw a basketball player’s head and shoulders, and use simple shapes to create the body and the ball. You can also add details to the body, such as the number “8” on the player’s shirt. To make your drawing more realistic, you should use a pencil that has a dark color to simulate a basketball.

Another step in drawing a basketball player is to draw the backboard and pole. These shapes can be shaped however you choose, but a long, narrow rectangle is best. You can also use a backboard that looks like a basketball. A basketball is normally orange in color. You can add a small oval for the player’s feet, and two slightly curved rectangles for the arms and legs.

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