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How to Get a Free Room Upgrade at a Hotel

If you’ve stayed in a hotel for more than one night, and you’re not satisfied with the room you’re given, you might want to ask the staff about free room upgrades. While you’re there, mention that you’re celebrating a special occasion and ask for a higher-class room. You can also try mentioning it over the phone.

Book a more expensive room

There are many ways to get a free room upgrade at a hotel. First, you can contact the front desk ahead of time and ask for an upgrade. Make sure to mention your reason for the request, such as a special event or a honeymoon. They will often accommodate your request.

Second, if your budget permits, book a higher-priced room. Many hotels reserve expensive suites in advance and know when they will be full. The front desk staff should be able to tell if you’re eligible for an upgrade based on their knowledge of availability. In addition, if you’re lucky enough to get an upgrade, make sure to express your gratitude to the front desk staff.

Third, you can use your elite status to get a free room upgrade. This is a great way to make sure you have a comfortable stay. You’ll need to be careful though, as the upgrade might not be available. The hotel may not want to give you the upgrade if they can sell it to another paying customer.

You should also avoid booking through third-party online booking platforms. These platforms do not provide the personal touch that a hotel needs to upgrade your room. Besides, the hotels lose money from the commissions they pay third-party websites. It’s best to book directly from the hotel’s website or over the phone.

Mention a special occasion

Mentioning a special occasion when checking in can help you get a free room upgrade at many resorts. Rather than simply mentioning that you’re celebrating a wedding or a birthday, you should tell the front desk staff about the event. This can increase your chances of getting an upgrade by several levels. Make sure that you’re honest with the front desk staff, however.

Many hotel employees are aware of the importance of a happy guest and are willing to accommodate any request they receive. This is particularly true if the guest is arriving late in the afternoon or for a special occasion. Mentioning the occasion when speaking with the hotel staff will make them feel like you’re a regular customer and will be more likely to give you an upgrade.

Avoid online check-in

If you’re looking for a free room upgrade, it’s probably best to avoid online check-in. While it’s convenient for those of us who are on the road and cannot leave the office early, check-in online is often not the best option for getting a room upgrade. The front desk is often more accommodating, especially if you have special requests or want to make a good first impression.

You can ask the front desk staff for an upgrade by letting them know that you’d like a room upgrade when you check-in. Be polite and insistent in your request. Usually, receptionists are more willing to upgrade guests who know them well.

Book through a third-party online platform

Booking through a third-party online booking platform can make it difficult to get an upgrade. Some hotels do not honor upgrades for consumers booking through a third-party online booking platform. If you have a loyalty program with the hotel, you may receive an upgrade for free. However, you are not guaranteed to get a certain room type if you book through a third-party online booking platform – the hotel’s front desk employees are in charge of determining which rooms are eligible for upgrades.

The hotel usually sets aside a specific block of rooms for third-party booking platforms, keeping the best and most varied rooms for themselves. The room sizes can vary widely, especially at older properties, so be sure to do your research online to find out what type of room is associated with a third-party booking.

In some cases, the hotel will upgrade your room if you have elite status, or you can request an upgrade through their concierge. These upgrades can be a great way to enhance your stay, and can include wall-sized windows that overlook a city skyline, mountain range, or ocean.

While requesting a free room upgrade is never easy, asking for one will not hurt your chances of getting it. Ideally, you should ask for the upgrade when you check-in. If you give the hotel staff context – a special occasion, for example – they might be more inclined to provide the upgrade.

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