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If you’re a neophyte and are wondering how to get a Galarian Yamask, there are a couple of options. First, you can participate in Timed Research tasks. This will guarantee you encounters with Galarian and Unovan Ghost-type Yamask. In addition, it will also give you the chance to collect Candy to evolve your Pokémon. You can eventually evolve a Yamask into a Runerigus or Cofagrigus.

Galarian Yamask

You can get a shiny Galarian Yamask in Pokemon Go by completing special research. However, you cannot obtain this Pokemon during the game’s regular gameplay. Instead, you need to wait until certain events or celebrations take place. In addition, catching a normal Variant’s shiny form is also possible. However, the requirements for the evolution are not the same as those for catching a Shiny Galarian Yamask.

To get a Galarian Yamask, you first need to have a buddy Pokemon. Then, you must complete 10 Raids with your Buddy Pokemon. This will earn you ten hearts, which you’ll need for the evolution. You’ll also need 50 Yamask Candy to evolve your Galarian Yamask into Runerigus.

The best way to get this Pokemon is by participating in Halloween events. In addition, you can get it by walking with it or participating in raids. You can also get a Galarian Yamask as a friend. This way, you’ll get two Pokemon in one.

You can also complete Raids if you want to evolve your Galarian Yamask to Runerigus. But you have to be careful to avoid losing your friends’ Galarian Yamask. If you don’t have a buddy, you can use the daily raid pass to complete them.

You can also use the Golden Mask to evolve your Runerigus. The golden mask will eventually make it evolve into a Runerigus, but you must be willing to spend some time in the game to achieve this. To get a Runerigus, you must complete 10 raids and get 50 Yamask Candy.

To evolve your Galarian Yamask, you must collect 50 Yamask candy and do at least 10 raids. The difficulty of the raids varies with the difficulty level. The toughest raids are the Mega Raids, but one-star and three-star raids are easily accessible.


If you are a new player to the game and want to know how to get Runerigus, you’ve come to the right place. In Pokemon Go, you can evolve Galarian Yamask into Runerigus. You can do this by taking on 10 Raids with your Buddy Pokemon and collecting 50 Yasmask candy. Once you’ve collected all of these items, you can evolve your Galarian Yamask into Runerigous.

Runerigus is a powerful Pokemon that can evolve from Galarian Yamask. If you have this Pokémon, you can learn its most powerful attack – Shadow Claw. This Pokemon can also learn Elite Fast and Charged TMs. Its best stat is defense, and its other stats are average.

Runerigus can be caught in the Sand Tomb or the Rock Tomb. It’s best to know the exact level of your Pokemon so that you can power it up when you need to. You can check the level by looking at the change in cost of Stardust. Runerigus’ minimum level is one, and it gains half a level each time it powers up.

This Pokemon evolves from the Galarian Yamask, which is a ghost and ground type Pokemon. In Pokemon Go, it’s a Gen 8 Pokemon. It’s similar to Sirfetch’d and Galarian Yamask. It’s also a location-based evolution, like Galarian Yamask, and evolves through the use of Evolution stones.

To evolve Runerigus, you’ll have to capture a lot of Ghost-type pocket monsters. To do this, you’ll need to spend a lot of time in the game, but the reward is well worth it. In addition to the new Runerigus, you can also obtain the new Cofagrigus. However, this monster is only obtainable if you have collected 50 Yamask Candy.

Timed Research tasks

To get a shiny new Pokémon, Trainers need to complete Timed Research tasks. These tasks will give them different rewards, but all require a certain amount of local currency. During the Halloween 2022 event, Trainers can access special Timed Research tasks for a $1 fee. These tasks will grant Trainers a rare and shiny Spirit Pokemon. These Pokémon have CP between 387 and 420. The Shiny variant has yellow eyes and a silver mask.

There are also Timed Research tasks to get yamask in Pokemon GO. This type of research will give players a boosted encounter with Yamask. In addition, this type of research will earn you higher Candy bonuses. It will also allow you to unlock an exclusive avatar pose and rare Pokemon encounter. The Timed Research tasks are available from October 29 to November 1, and will cost $1 or $5.

Unlike the regular research tasks, Timed Research tasks for Yamask in Pokemon GO are divided into two steps. In the first step, players must catch a Ghost-type Pokemon. During the second step, they will encounter a Galarian Yamask. To complete the Timed Research, the player must complete the two steps before the date of the event’s end.

In addition to Timed Research tasks, “Pokemon GO” has a special Halloween event called Halloween 2022. The rewards are available only until November 1 at 10 am local time. Therefore, players should be very careful in planning their time to complete these tasks.

Trainers must be at Level 31 or higher to earn these rewards. There are two tracks available: the $1 Timed Research track, which focuses on catching large amounts of Ghost-type Pokemon. And the $5 Timed Research track, which is more diverse and has exclusive bonuses. Among the bonuses are three times the Candies earned from catching and hatching Ghost-type Pokemon, and three times the amount of Candies for completing Timed Research tasks.

Rewards for completing step 2 of a timed research

When you complete step two of a timed research in Pokemon Go, you will receive several rewards. These include a Magnetic Lure Module, 2500 XP, 25 Aggron Mega Energy, and an Aron Encounter. In addition, you will receive 50 Aron Candy.

To access this special event, you’ll need to purchase a $5 event ticket in-game. It will give you access to extra events such as triple Candy if you catch a Pokemon during the event and two Candy XL if you’re walking with a buddy Pokemon. Once you’re level 31, you can also earn event rewards by completing the first page of the Halloween Timed Research. You can also earn an Ariados or Limited Egg Incubator by completing step 2 of the research.

The Timed Research for Season of Light is a new event for the game. This event is focused on the GO Battle League, and you can earn rewards for completing the event’s tasks. You’ll have until Monday, October 17, at 8:00 pm local time to complete it.

In addition to obtaining rewards for completing this timed research, you can also unlock new Field Research Tasks. These tasks can earn you PokeCoins, which you can use to purchase items for your Pokemon. This is the best way to get extra PokeCoins, which you can then use to customize your avatar.

During this event, you’ll get access to a variety of rare Pokemon, including Pansear and Wash Rotom. You’ll also be able to unlock a special outfit for your new Pokemon, which is a great way to level up.

Ways to get a raid pass to complete a timed research

One of the central features of the anniversary event in Pokemon Go is Timed Research. Completing this task will earn you a reward, but the only drawback is that you can’t repeat it. However, Professor Willow will periodically seek your help to complete new tasks. Timed Research is similar to Special Research, but it only lasts for a set period of time. You may find it in your Today View during certain events, but it will disappear after you’ve completed it.

There are several ways to get a raid pass for a timed research in Pokemon Go. One way to do so is to complete it in person. This will give you the chance to earn up to eight Raid Passes. You can also collect these passes by completing Research Breakthroughs.

In addition to these methods, you can also use the timer in Pokemon GO to complete timed tasks. To make sure you have sufficient time left to complete the research, you can join a raid during the last 20 to 15 seconds. To avoid being eliminated from the raid, you should avoid taking damage from your opponents. You should also consider if you’re capable of catching the required number of bugs. If you’re unsure about the requirement, you can consult the Silph Road website. It will provide information on the Raid Pokemon, as well as the amount of players required to complete the Raid Boss.

To get a raid pass, you need to be able to complete the research before you can move on to the next step. Researches are usually added to the game at midnight local time, but the number of quests is always different. Some of them are Raid-exclusive, others are common, and some even feature mystery Pokemon.

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