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When playing Pokemon Go, it is important to maximize your playing time in order to catch Shiny Pokemon. There are some tricks you can employ to increase your chances of catching a Shiny Pokemon. Those tricks include Mass Outbreaks, Community Day, and Raid battles. You should also check your Pokemon in-game for shiny forms.

Community Day

A Community Day is a special event that gives players a boost in spawning shiny Pokemon. These Pokemon spawn at a higher rate than usual and can give you several bonuses. You can typically get one Shiny per hour. However, during Community Days, there is an extra boost, so that you can get as many Shiny Pokemon as possible.

If you want to obtain more Shiny Pokemon regularly, trading is your best bet. You can find people looking to trade at Community Day Meetups or on your region’s Discord server. These people will often have high-IV Pokemon as well as rare regional Pokemon. You can then trade them with them in order to obtain shiny Pokemon in your game.

Another way to increase your chances of getting shiny Pokemon is by using lures or incense. These will increase the chances of catching a shiny Pokemon, especially if you’re a Level 31+ player. You can also get an extra encounter with Galarian Zigzagoon by taking a Snapshot of it. Community Day also lets you do one extra Special Trade, and all Pokemon trades will cost 50 percent less Stardust during this event.

While the odds of catching a shiny Pokemon are relatively low, they are still good. The chance of getting a shiny Pokemon is one in every twenty-five encounters. So if you’re lucky, you might end up with a shiny Meganium during Community Day.

Mass Outbreaks

In order to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you need to know how to find Mass Outbreaks in the game. Mass Outbreaks are occurrences in the game where you can battle and catch a variety of Pokemon. During a Mass Outbreak, you can catch as many Pokemon as possible. The goal is to catch as many as possible and get as many shiny Pokemon as possible. To find these Pokemon, you will need to find a Mass Outbreak in a certain area and wait for it to end. Once the outbreak is over, you can return to Jubilife Village to find the shiny.

Mass Outbreaks are random occurrences, but the more you participate in them, the more chances you have of finding shiny Pokemon. There are also chances to catch a shiny Pokemon when you encounter more of the same species. If you are not able to locate a Mass Outbreak in a specific area, you can re-roll your Mass Outbreak. But remember to get out of the area you were in to get a fresh Shiny roll.

Another way to get a shiny Pokemon is to save them in your Pokemon Go game. To do this, you can save your shiny Pokemon and other alpha Pokemon. However, be careful not to alert the Pokemon with your actions as they may become aggressive if you are too close.

Raid battles

Pokemon GO has an exciting feature where you can obtain shiny Pokemon during raid battles. These Pokemon appear in shiny coloration, unlike the normal ones, and they appear with a special sparkling animation and sound effect. While this sounds great, it is also important to remember that not all Pokemon have Shiny variants. For example, Ditto will not appear in shiny form if it is already Shiny. It will, however, appear in a non-Shiny form if you catch it during the raid battle.

Genesect is a hard-to-kill Pokemon. Unfortunately, it’s not a very common guest in Raid Gyms, so you’re not going to find it very often. However, if you are able to beat it in a battle, you will be able to catch a Shiny Genesect. It’s important to note that you will not know if you get a Shiny Genesect until after the battle, and the chance of getting one is only one in twenty. To get one, you’ll need to visit at least 10 Raid Gyms to increase your chances of getting one of these rare Pokemon.

Raid battles can also be used to catch Pokemon with Hidden Abilities or high individual strengths. By winning a raid, you’ll also receive many useful items. This will include Berries, TRs, and Exp. Candies. The best thing about these battles is that you can use them to catch more Pokemon in the wild.

Checking Pokemon for shiny forms

Pokemon Go has an option to check each Pokemon for a shiny form, which increases your chances of catching a shiny. However, the rate of shiny forms varies a little. Some Pokemon have a slightly boosted rate of 0.8%, which means you’ll get a shiny version of them one in every 125 Pokemon you encounter, while others have a 1.6% shiny rate, which is one in every 62.5 Pokemon you encounter. Obviously, these are fairly rare Pokemon and are incredibly difficult to catch in the wild.

This method is useful when you are playing with wild Pokemon, as it increases the number of Pokemon you can check before they despawn. However, it isn’t ideal for finding a specific shiny, so you might want to consider other methods. In any case, it’s always possible to trade away a shiny if you don’t want to keep it.

When a Pokemon has a shiny form, it’ll be darker than normal. It will also flash with sparkles. In addition, its spawn rate will increase. Usually, a shiny Pokemon will only appear in your Pokedex once you’ve already bred it from its base form. As such, it’s best to pay special attention to the sparkles when first encountering a shiny Pokemon.

If you’re looking for a shiny Pokemon, you’ll need to spend a little time hunting for it. These Pokemon are rare and have a special shine that makes it stand out from other Pokemon in the wild. It’s worth taking a little time to check out each Pokemon and see if it has one. It’s very possible to stumble upon a shiny form without even trying, but it’s not always possible to find one in the wild.

Spotlight Hours

There are a variety of ways to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The first is by taking advantage of the Spotlight Hours. During these events, the spawn rate of the featured Pokemon is increased, allowing players to catch plenty of them. During a Joltik Spotlight Hour, for example, almost every wild encounter will give you a shiny Joltik. In addition, the Spotlight Hours also offer other bonuses that all players can take advantage of, including double XP, Candy, and Stardust.

The next Spotlight Hour is this week. This week, the featured Pokemon is Joltik, an Attaching Bug. The event will take place from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. Once you’ve caught this Water-type Pokemon, you’ll have the chance to evolve it into a shiny version. The Shiny Joltik will cost 50 candies to evolve, so be sure to bring plenty of Pinap berries with you. In addition, Joltik will come with a double Candy bonus during this event.

The Spotlight Hour is also one of the only ways to obtain a shiny Minccino, which can be extremely difficult to get elsewhere. This particular type of Pokemon GO is rarely found in the wild, and so this event is your best shot.

Events that add shiny Pokemon

If you’re tired of waiting for the game to introduce shiny Pokemon, you can look forward to upcoming events that will give you the chance to catch them. Some events include Halloween Mischief, which runs from Friday, October 15 to Sunday, October 31, and features various shiny Pokemon and other items. You can catch a shiny Spinarak from 7km eggs. Other notable shiny Pokemon can be found in raids and research tasks.

There have been many events in the past that have introduced shiny Pokemon to Pokemon Go. Some of the first ones were the releases of Shiny Staryu and Shiny Piloswine. Other events featured shiny versions of Genesect and Shiny Boldore. The first year of the Pokemon GO game included Shiny Gible, Piloswine, and Mamoswine, which were released at the start of Community Day. The first month of the game also included a Shiny version of the Pokemon, and the second month was marked by Shiny Drowzee.

It would be awesome if the developers of Pokemon Go added more shiny Pokemon to the game. This way, the game would be more accessible to players. The game’s popularity could also increase if these shiny Pokemon were released earlier. Pokemon Go fans spend hours scouring the game for these Pokemon. Niantic should recognize this by adding more shiny Pokemon and events for players to catch them. These would give the game’s event boxes a new lease on life and give dedicated players something to chase after.

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